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June 2, 1892
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. : :,.% THE LILACS BY THE GATE. &apos; IIY IINNIE ]RVfNO. - 'l. t.l.p i. ti., ri,;,, bed .t I]'ils spilled its cup of wine, ]NO lnorn itllovo the (lltky ltlOb[ , 'J'ho crocus t.orclwa Mdno. '[ ]Ul, robin ill the it|lille tree illI-S Hwootly tO his It[ate, Jll Ant]. 1)llrJilo l)hlln(!t of [ihtu lib)tuna Al'O I()liMllg bV tile Itto, ff ]',ltM ,dghl, 1 wore lly llttdev owil, ; My ff'6'eoLhtq&rt CllllO |t) ellU, "-, \\;' o look It walk acr()s tim liol.ds, ldo " W flllr he WIts, and Mtll ] TiJo III0)II Wit[ i,inlllg l)rlghL it8 tlv, N. Alld O We lhagered bllu rJ'o ellat I)elleaI]l the libte boll] hs y lto Mused IIll(l 1 hid [Iteo lln) lily Anlt)ll the frltgl'ltllt Ilo el'% tJ hOlll:]l ILll Ill)OIl nlv :'lllhllt}" g/IWII TIluy tlllS)k the dl!w ill illov,'t'oA. lie (h'l)v," llIO tOlllJy 1o big [)FoltsL- - "()II t (q:lllO, Ill}" |)Oilily KiI]O, 211(1 NI}ILI'O "% i111 lllO It ' )[ t tt(t ll')ltliL YOUR OWN CANOE, Wih hhte. l,y tile gate!" Voyltorfl Oll ]i(!' 8ell, weoL is t[10 l'(tJ Illld I'O)It] rol;(i, TI) y()llrst!]l' [)0 tl'ue) Tim lllVSt IC i]'lt!, 1OO, ;1 1vh:ltO'Ul" yOUl' ]O5 InRy be, 'lifo lily "in ll bridal l'ol,e, Paddle your olvil CallOO." The f,h. el)oil ill I he dew ; /otlrsel ])e [rile)" ( and thou r/lit, dtdn( y ",iohtt. ])lit, !,ti,I AI)l)\\;e till}Ill illl I rltlt thcll be false to ally nlall. ' 'I'll(! Ilow'r tlult holtrd lily ,lllliJOll lr(d.h, iS lie[ SO %,lie a Silt .q,q selr TI,e lilac by the {41tie, '." Then "l)e wise to-d'ty, 'Its defer." Get Dr. l)ieree's When l)y the It I'eltnlt Iff P:u'ndiio Thl'l)llllh tqldD:bls !q)l'i  I ItHIlII, [edieM l)iseovcl'y, for all af- 'Mhl all llle l'lMvloss {lal,wn, lhcro of tile ]iUl r and Ihroat, It is I shM1 not f(ol LI, h(mm a Wgu(lcrl'lll livel' tollie, Itd l;nloss it roblu s.n.wller( 11'i11 A Io'(!-SOllg 10 Ills llllL!(l AIM dear ohl-fahioul}d lihvJ IIoxol'l 7lee/,/. roll?tall you lnRy rely llpOn, Are hh)eljlillg by Illo g!llo. Gohlcn IHe(lleal Discovery. :_::=:_= ::=:=:-.::.:: : ..... : D(;, ;" e,ol wore h('avy illl([ th,dr ln, ardsshagqy, and their lhished ttl(I Iler('e. Ch)uds were gathering ral)idly ill I lhe soul,h, and bhe wind ('Ohio ill t linick  slid(Ion [llll's, tile sure, ftH'e-l'Ull- Ilel' Of a t,elnl)t'st. The bey eiz('ll his fish and lines, [llld (h's(wIl(h'(I to bhe ])each, earel'lllly<il[g Lli w:ly ;lll(I thai. and bheu set ()ll' with ;I (lueer, hi)biding pace, towill'd the WeS|t,l'll elll[ of l,i/e ish,.u(I. Vllon lit' C:llll( out ill s/'lll of Dry I',l)ck, a Iw)a(I, .lial, sl(Ule tllali rI)se like a l.;Ible ,)lit ()I' lhe water a half (l()Z('ll I'(i(Is fr(Hii lhe l){qiC]l ;Ill(1 WllS ! ' ..... '":- I GRAINS OF GOLD. ' l [ XVay'Offoh)r): ('(larso, [ all( evPn yet ' lie remembered now :' ....... ' L :lqe huecf hoalthl \\;\hoeatt lniIakeft The . IERVI('E,q flail I td ( ms wgle t( (t "/ vhit0 'l)row, Ill0 d, ootlOlJod tint of tho cheek ,  :-- -'. ,. , . . I ). t )c41A('d Xibh I)righln,sB .nd an[Ilia i 11 rllaKe l t'lcn(isllip s[I.,})l,i|l (i. . ' " o[ tile eye it (3|leery oxllret{Iolt () lhoeOGllLO- [ ('ONN11)EI toil[ lililll lO ])e unllelle ' llll.IiO0 a!:o inf(iAnblo indlelt, thRtlhohvor is ])or- fa('es ] fl'igbt, elmt'l the ehl ulan had been a*o , Lhe inli)erat, ive sunlnlons. 1[[: leaned ])vcr bhe edge (;r the reel( aml reaehe(I his hand dowu where bile shone went, slleer to blle Sali(iy t)()ltr)ln, lle (lrew it I)ack ilui(:kly. T]I( bide WaS wlthitl 't few h/('hes of th( top, all(I 1,he hlpl)ing waves ;tl](l eddies tol(l }lilli bhllL it, was still risilll2'. , l b could nob l)e ,'!lliiie 10 o'ele('.k yet, I)llb he h)ol(ed allxil)usly elr to Lhe st)uth into bhe be[,l,h ()f l}lC willtl seel,:il[g a glilnl)s 9 o1' lhe'lu'mnisecl 'vesst!]. TWO I:)right I)oints of lighb s.'hlol, ()yet'flowed .at ll!gh lid(',he,';;lW I II!ckel'(,d. then dial)l)cared, then th;Itil had ill,ell nearly st,rill!led ()i:]sh()we(l il,;ailt. Ab lll'sti he th;ught lll('w((l(I. 'Phe ])la('e had been tlsed [ Lhc V were Nblll'S, but a. he r(,llet'ted i14 ;I II;I'C I'()l' Ill(! })/HI[[I',', it, I)']Hg the: tllilt the. elollds hid l;he sky, he I'eal- ':;! 'c e ):l)! I. ) lho isl:lmt, and the i ize(I [hilt they wel'e l he lights ef a t,(,,lC(m li'ht fr()m il h,v,l ,lll'l'il('(! I shill (,()ssed (m the waves. h't(t g[li(led iiHliIv ;I ship i111) h;trh+)r, i No l.Jll](? was |() i)o lost, Hnd el'out'};- li %',i]:-; ill a selt!P :i i: i'll:t! iiahL-] iltg (]t)Wll hehil[d ll'le lll)l,llrUe(I bill)"l, ll()tle, he nerv()nslY ignited IIlilb(!ll ;If[el 'l'ho lid(' h:ld l);t;(':l Iw (,l.)h, :]lid i lint.bob llglIhlst ;l hHI}(]fui (If }I'(!;IS} :l]l',':t'ly [itl ie (,lhlh'; (,f i;.' );l, lill K %\\;':t-: l'itgg. AD h'lIKb]l 1;he l]illlle (itllKhb 1,)' w('re \\;vhirlilU' ();i ih ,;lll(]y beach ! lllld urged })y Ill(, Willi] I'()al'e(] ul)wa|'d i l)t.i w.!Cl| dlt)l', :[ll(I L]le i-;(d',lt!,d ro,'k. ]a d[IIICIIK I)illar (it' hlaze. lie hurried ;ICl'o;. ltw si):Lce ;ll[d Idh'll i ]hLt ;t lU;W (hl.l[ger eanlo 1;o the I I {)),,elher ",'il:Ib 1'ew l]ie('e. of wood I loIlciy liIL]c wat.cher Illle l'ISiIIg Wlttel': wore reln;titliilR'. 11, w'a :IS the IIsh- ]lilli r(it(qm(l the t()]) of the reek, till(1 t ('l'lil;lll hlld sDi(l --l,hoy w()uh| IJ()I lllll'll lh(! I]['sl; sl)lashill" WilVe IlUI(]( II t'lLd(! :1 tI'll;[l'[,',q' O[' ;Ill ]1[)111'. "The gl'OVe t)]'i 1)Oll[lr( s]}lltter all(l Iliss, Scx'Hl'e ('otb()lIW()()(I iIlld lll',/.!'ll()lia tree where ' COll]d lie[ roluellll)el' wheu Ihe lidc like the sarsaparillas, thnt are ibegeod for the blood in March, TIlE l)l[Y I()[ I( i,i(',lirr, i Rnd ]Inv. The '(Discovery" ; 11[(' ','(t)tl was g;Ithere(l was I[(,ilt'ly i hall !)eeu liVer bile rot'l( ])efOl'C. equally xvell at ltll times, and iu llillf a hile :t:l), i)UL ,ev;Ire t, ru(Iged (}.:lrel'll]]y he Inllled the Ii];izil[g of blood-taints, or hlullOIS no ilIY('I-IAIlI.ES M])II,:II1 II..lil(ll':lL Off l)r %(,[\\;' l() Ill'It)p :1 h)ild iff I)ri[nches i We(ill te tltc high('sl porbi([li (if Ill(? what their n:une or natlu'e. It Seva)e I;iv ell I,h]' rt)ck4 ,*|lid \\;Vail'hell for hi; lil'e. Nov(q' ll;,I I lit' l'(lil(l stli'fae4, anti I)ill'(l OIl iIllot, heI' Ilie(e ill Skill, Scalp and Scrofulous as ]i]ezem.i, Totter, Salt- tile c]ou(]s l'iSill i)\\;'t:1' [he lllf ill lh(' :;<'('l[l('tl N, I()tl.", ;lll(I whell lie I't:tvh('([ of ft/rllitHre. Til('U the wilt(q' cltlll(? Fever-sorcs, White Swelling.% f, ellt.h. . 1he grove JIG w;t llt'tll'ly weal'h'd ell].. Iiigh itl[ll 1]ll't!ilt,ued 1he whole I]e. dise'tse and Mudred all- ]le had })eeu ilshin,A' il()ll}d lh(! (li (,:'ingall i!w lilui), lie could 'J'llc willd hall l/,sel]e(l ;l lilLle. tle(qler watPl'S Ily the sh(lre of l ile CIII'I'y, he ,'eI (!I]' fDl' thc rock, 1)ut ib S(\\;'al'e c()u]d see bile light of tilt, N[:lr lest blood-purifier, sohl is[and, fill(1 w;is titetl. Jiis .)l'alld- W}IS ;I sevol'e lasl(. The wiml was ()1' q'('xas tllUCh lit([re p]Itiul.v. ]ti a beeauso you only pay father hlld gellC (U the. cil.y P, ud he . ldo\\;vin l g:lle from Lhe g'.ulr, aild Iis ha.If hour I, he shi D weultl lie pil'(, tJw i'ou get. inolcy is returrmd if it doesn't hail I)e/,l[ itlone all (In3. ][c had iwis[t'd lillli)scotlltl s(;u'etdy Ci(l'l'y l]inl I[Hrbor nll)ulh, (II'iV(HI as it was .I) 3' u'e 'ou. linll)e(i ah()u| [he h))]eiy (.z)ll,:lg(, dill'- ' ]'()rwar(1 " ' the S()llIll wind. ing bhe IllOl'l[iltg and lislled all 1he The water Was hig]l('r Itrl)llnd lhe i Wibh his (!ripl)led feet. st:u[(iil[v ill Col'lie[' l)art el' tile ',ll'tel'll()()ll. 1'()('].;, I/lit] WII(HI lie threw Llle WO)(l oil ' bhe fo; I y W her, bile I)oy ])eg'l,.tl l)il- fH00S " I h(q" was veb ('olsi(h'rahle WOl'k Io 11to huL,e sl.()l[(' there was such ;l ])iti- tug the l)IL[sh lie ]Hld ;Ltb(trP(l, [il( [p0 do; and hel(,ol,:cll(h)wu(,llllisbv,'iste,llfullil,le,wssill tllellilethilb hcsal[k 1)r(,ken c,,or null all the h,,,,seh,)hl {ill[I)s I)ilyinglv, as if I) (:OlnllliSel'iIl( i dowl[ di.('()Ul'iIgC(], lh)w e()nhl lie go()lls I11, had 1)rOllghl, nl)oll th(! (;tble. thcl[I for Ill[Vii)g It) I;eilr ]lilll Oll the 1)uihl il Ill,at'oil lh'e wiLh bhlt'b Sll[;l.II "NI)w, ' bhoughl, he, 'wll(?ll lAle fire if'ills ]Ic lIItlSL la](e |)('i'()l'(' I]ighlf;ll]. ])(_)r[iotl? ' is lloar]yg()ut down hen [ will l)url it WltS nlidwinler, l)tll h[ that soulh- ) As lie rltised his eyes lind h)oked these,." el'It ]atiblt(Ic Lhe air WilS s()I'I, a11(l Lhe i (IoWl[ t.]le ishuld 1()wal'd t]w ('ity t]](l'e .lie did not have owldthm. Wet- sl(Jes Wal'l[i. Sevat'e ]l;l([ llever WOl'll i LWill](led over tll( dltrk l'()ef of |,he bhlg his hill[ds to 1)rill,Co% t]lelu froln all ov(rcoilt ill his life, aud 11]; s a]'cely I revelllle olli('e a red lighl. 1L wlis bhe the heab he lifted the Sl)l(.ICl'ilg knew what ,ll()t's were. laiiterlt ()rderillO il lire ou the reel(. I)rlll[(ls an{| l)laeed LlwPl llIKler the The t)oylookc[ tnxiouslyltcress the Then it was bruc t.lmb a ship was lleWly l)rellared fuel. le]eie lg the island t() see if his grallilfaLher were Couling. Ilai[les lell)ed lille air, IlUd bhe .boy coming, th('l] I/ainfully rose to his At Ih'sb Sevare t]leugllt he would was (Olnl)elle(l lie stel)bac]b(/esel}lle feeb. sLrike out for t.he (filly, lint Im (euhl the warnlth. Ships are Ii()t IIIllUerous (notl]*l el) I[()t I'elIch Lhe revellne el,lee in three The till' of Texas 'as dl'awn r thc Gulf of Mexiet) tl) denlalld tile ox- hours, if ab all, alld bllell il, Ill[gilt l)c neilrer illld lie eonld see (hilt. she. had 1)ousive lighL ]l()tises ail/I eOllStltntly Leo ]ate. The I)ry I{ock lighb lnnsb ehlu[ged her COLU'Se aild WaS nulkil[g IINJOY fishing lights tttab goln Lhe sh()re of burll, fer the entral,/'e ef the hlrbor safely. the At, lantie. At ll,lUly Texas l)()]'t. method and results when ib is only during il st,erm ()r when yes- 11, was already growing dark, and The water was to his kn(,s. L()oldng b()ward the llm(d lie saw f Figs is taken; it is pleasant sels are sig]lted jllst itb I]io'ht fall, thab the 1)ewildered Ill)y, with the he try lwo dark llgurcs lUCY[fig ll)onl., lie to the taste, and acts it is c()nsi/]ere(1 esseltlJal to burn resigns b liLy ()n his sh(uilders, searcely eeuld nob hear theln bill '.le did n() beaeon-lh'es ler bhe guidalce of bhe. knew whatbodo. ]IewadedLhreltgh dettbt but they were sh()ltling to hiut yet promptly on the Kidneys, and Bowels, cleanses tim sys- sailors. .Somethfies weeks Wolll([ ])iiss the risiug water anti gltiled 1Ae lleaeh, and Woltder]ng why L]).tt 1)eaeolt tlly dispels colds, head- withont a 1)hlze slll)Wil[g, SO infrc- Tile wind nearly took him off his burucd ahnosb on bhc sur:aee of the ?overs and cures habitnal quenL were the visils or v(,aels from feet; never had hc seen so wild a Syrttp of Figs is the the far south anti Central American night, gulf. lnedy of its kind ever pro- ports. Going to the little cabin hc sat, for new,TheYnorWn]dwouldntdarehe darcCnegoUt ttlereLo huld. It was so at Galveston Isle[lid) alld It nlonle, lll, Oil the h)w doors[el). The t;tble was aIlt'e, and  ()lie shle l!]easing to the taste and ac- to (rid ])iebro yeas i[lt:ruste(l the duly Suddellly a t,lleugllt caluo to hhn ef it was al)out Lo shtk, i2VIll'e hehl e to the tonlnch, prompt in ef huiMing a grea|, 1)()nlh'e at the end 1hat l)ointed It way ()tit of tile dilll- it Ul) by the l)lacleened dmbers, M1 and h'uly beneficial in its ef 1,he island wll(,n ships were CIIIty. 'q'll do it," he said aloud au([ t[lc biule wabching the shl)'S ligh[s prepared only from the most ing (u' leaving the h;u'ber at, nighb, a new vign'r seenled be coltc te bhe (Fhen thc other en(l o[ the tat)le and agreeable substances, its lle lived ill a rude libtlc (,Itltiu witlt or[Ill)led body. excelleut qnalities commend it live uliles ()l' s tndy beach it)ul rl)eky Seizing (,lie ax with wilich his weakerwd, and for iI few ninutes the hissinv.' boards IIoated en ;he water. and have in'de it the most upland 1)etween ]limself and the gov- grau(lfllther cnt wood for the light he 11, was n()t long. Tile htsisl)ark wa known, crnntel]t reveluie office down ;It tile gave the hardest 1)low ill his l)OW('r at extingnished and 111e wincher WII. is for sale in 50o wharf, the door ()f the cabin, l)own ibitalone(ul the rock with bile wave )ott!es by all leading dru I When lihe oil|co knew or II ship go- crashed it[ his feet. Picking lb ul) he I dashing againsb his waist, , Ady reliable druggist wk ing out (u" hi, il re(I Ihlg or hultern Itlilf walked ltalf cl'awledlo bhe tlea( ] Cran]ped [IS he was, hl<new lie have it on hand will pr, was ruu Ill) the (all ])t)]e nelu' ])y, itud an([ tltcu el[ t() the reck. Anobh(,r, couhl not swim 1.o ]and eva[ t houffh I)romptly for any one wl: in a short, time the Niize i)f Pierre's tri l) and lie bore bhc cheap tal)lc ou] he had dared ,face [lie w)'edcers, and try it. Do not accept any beacon would 1)c seen out at, the end ' of the island, which the two had eaten lheir mcals. I turning his face toward th(:im'on)ing Chairs, a CUlflloard.ltrl(l lhlally the[shi pl]c anxiottsly waLehed ter I'iSillg Sevarc, the ohl lnal]'S Ioosedoorstellfo]h)wed nutlltlmpile]and falling]anterns. F]O YRUP 0, gratl(Isoll, was his enly eelu])ItltlOll Of dry nlaterial Ila(l growl[ to cons[d- [ She was luaking" l)r)I't alhright arid 8,1H F[tANCISCO, OAt, and Lhe two llad no Ieighbors, for t,lle crlll)ie 1)reportiens. The dal'l(, lower- when the wltbel's canle blasb-higl], ^% lvw FORK, .1', end of tie iShllld was roug]l and tiff- il]g sky wax now itnd bheu 1)ierced lltted for hontes. Seval'e fished itud with l'ghtning, anti bhe noise el the lie saw her ride past the ishnd, lUnl he kne, w stle was safe. T]len he alll This is a daily evel in nfills, shops) fact, swanl and helped wiLh the ligtlt, oe- water wits like bhat nf a hundred walt:d for the tiale wh(!l his feet Well ,is, etc. It is tl easienally g()lng lo the city and s|ar- ltorses thundering ahlng the beach, should lil'L aud he wonhl "e carried point whcre n,'iture ing lit the gayly dressed visit,()rs .Wilt) '.Ten e'cloclc tl]ey sliid the shill can cndurc no more. ('flllle to tilt' beat]tiful oUl]leru beltcll Wolllt]. C(UllO) ') l)ondered the 1)oy. ,,] l're]]l his ])orcb. It did not conic. ,['11 the Then the poor suf- to ;',ell(I bhe winter, will have binte enough to go be Shell waLcrs (:ilnle lie higher, Illd arbor )Vork." fele,, worn with tell (..elulders lined the streets in Jan- Cove bcfere I light the lh'o." and ln-olcn in health, awi|ile they began te reced,. 2IIX stands asklc to make ua!'y, shedding a sweet, frIigranee '(?lie bide was lucre t]lau waist deep iously g;tzil) t()wal:d sllore, le e()uld another. ,' Quic/ Consumption" fronl their 1)lossollS and the heavy as lie returnell to the island and the see nothil]gof bhe wreckers, and he it. To this class of women aM odor of the nlaffllelias was every- beach was covered so I,hab he lind t.o felt Mill([st hilPl)y. )roffcr both sympathy and aid. where. Ships (!:lille in loaded wibh seriln]l)leover the rocks higher tip. ])OWll, down wellb'l.he li(e,..lll)re, dlstrcssi'ng weaknesses and 1)ananas, el'aliKes, all(] ri(:]l sonthern Stl'uggling, leaping, falling," l)ruised ral)idly bhan ib had l'isel:, the fltllhl,,' assail l)r()ducbs. 11, was :t 1)leas:ult ])htee t 1)y the sharl) points of the reeks and [ " ternembcrE, t hat be, aIld Nevar(. grew lolmson]e s(/nle- frightened by the i]oise of bhe sea) lnngi'indbeforelettingntoruingthe watertlleeff sIDre,lt,y and /'inhham' times oub en the ha:', mc, ks. 0he eril)ple nl.aC!o his wily ae|'oss the I lh)ek have .As lle starle(I for Lhe eal)in the ishmd, tak]nga shot't ellt to the coe. i was bare. of sonnd ()l' voice< e;lllW (O him. llc As lie calne tO the elJffs surruuml- I Tile little waLchcr dkl not lllve 1.lie t r I Cases that have halted alld lisl(,ned. Men were tillk- ing ib he peered over, half exliec't,n  streugh to leave iL, hllb ('louehe(I restored to vigo- illg dowIl Oll bill' ileac]l beh)w, bosee a lt0a('Oll fire 1)lazing away 1)o- Ul}n its higl-lesb 1)Glut, it il' llsL]iltff "]3C yell S|IFP she sailed?" said Olle, low him. ]{nt no, the ]nel hlt(I lint nl)on a 1)l'otectol"S hroast. r and he reeognizd Lhe vote(', yet ;IPleare(l. They dolihtless (.()it- ].lle old l)ietro and the re\\;'ell( ()f- t,,tt.oo. "]L's oh[ (htbh,"hetJ]oughl, t()hinl- sit]0r(:d [hilt it w()uld l)e bebtcr lo |leer foulld ]liiil whe, ll the suu ls iu ...... Corre- ,,o,  ---' nlid-heavelt, half delirious with the eelv an,wered..a r"  " " 601f. urely he's tl l) be no ()o(l. ' show their tire, hirer. hl:,,.co., -,--,,,,- "Yes," rel)lie(l a gruff and th'el)er Cilutil[usly llc ('rcl)t down t]te de- ell'cots ()f his l)orih)ns vigil. tone 1]lltL he recouized as belonging ('livity uIId sear('hed here and bhtq'e ]b was ninny days 1)(Kere he c()uli[ to a ]'ouRll llsherllla)l called Pebe, "l for bhe supplies. At length he fOlul(i rehllc tlt( sl.ol' of his alive ur h l)u[, WALLS, SEVEN WALLS, know she sailed lind will 1)e hero be- bhelu ou [l little l)relnOllLory jutting the Star ()1' Texas had not yet hq't(t.he, Till,: GI, ACIER flight. Shc'sgobanlixe(Icilrge, every- oub into 1,he water. There vea= it ]lather. ]ts ('al)bltil[ eal]ud en th(: RI.WRIGERtTeIK thillg lulder th(, slul, a)ld if we git. go(id-sizedl)ilcof l)itchy woedal[d l'als little Sll[Terer, and thlulked 'aim wit]t Tho only Cold Dry hel' ashero it will be a big haul." r,:,ady f0r the tollehiltg of It nn|tch, words alld gifts for gnidil[R" bhe strug- All' I{ol'rigorlkt or that ),as p,:,.r,.o Sevarc was frightened and erltwl(,d all his strength he "'pub his gling silip iltto the haven. ,,,.,.ut,u ..... m,o Ire the edge of the litble cliff 1.(1 see shlnildcr uuder ari cubs[re(oh- Sevare's life was never se lnely at. in all ldyh,, Ittld szc., ]],,,.,lW,,,,a, what, would follow, ing timber and lifted .The wlli)!e terwltrd, for his del,d gained hhu Alltiqno 0'1' S[X- t,.,,th ce,,,u,'y " 'SLIP' whisl)ered Gath le his mate, pile tel)pied and :fell, g6ing s )lash friends who addell solue of the ,.il,y's 6.rRP?Oo?P'I.'l,,t] .... 'lh *l "don'tnt;tke su(h a noise. What's: into the scething withrat the slde. bright lifetohis isolated honm on[ Tight Leek. w,m, alo,nn- ycr l)ian?" . There would be no fire at Shell Cove. al the l)ry Rock watehhouse.--Yalt- ufact,urors of Ill- i ' It cycles, Children', Well, sat(/ bhe other in()re eau- The events thus far had drawn kee Bht(le. eellntng and Invalid Rolling Chairs, holier t (I 1sly, 'we've got tit' ol(I lllall'S tig'hL heavily Oil Sevare's weak fraule, aud ~___=------:r.-----: &e"andfferliberaldlseuntstthtr"d' all Ilxed. ] WcIIt Ill) lilelO this the jettrney honleward w{ts nlorel)ail-l- &l[ Natural, gOdsdoslredandcataloguovlllbosclst. ' " The ]ate C. A, V}lite, the SOllg i-0BORC MFC. OO. nlornuP and to!d him hts sister was fnl thlUl thab ColUhlg down, and the R:I & .q25 N. 9th St., PIIILADELPII[,I. dyh]' till in Houstolt and he's gone wcary lintl)s alinosb refused .to e:.u'ry writer, ,lad lie theoretical knew}(,dgo over to tll' nlainhtnd to sec her. Then hint over the lilsb few rods. et! lUUSiC, and sLndio/lsly ave[dell g()- )1o Cake of Soap when bhat liml)in' libtle graudson of But 1,he Dossibllity that the wrec'k- [jig to Ltie el)era and like ll(q'l'ol'm- onookonl),rma- his had hobbled off down hie beach I ors ha(i diseoverel] hint and were fol- anees, lest iris oriinality shouhl 1)e l)itchcdinto the water all tip firework lowiug, nel've(1 the hey for another impaired. Ills song, "Put Me iu My Ncrvouaand .lhole sLI'tlggle ill a nliltd oue nighb as hewasgoinghollle eases. Sent sealed for tile, y'd piled on l)ry lkl('k. " ' and moment lie had Little i3ed," was sngested te his IOe. I n[so DIM[guro-- ain't 0nough left to burn a ([llarter of crawled 011 his |HlU(I, '4, aild knees tt) hie[its liko Birth 1Hiuks, ) bloles, Warts, lndialnk an ]1111.11'. ') the I.)eaeil alld sat ]OOk[llg on[ toward 1)y seeillg a -pie, lure ef the 1 roe}let andPowdermarks,Scara Sanlncl ill the Willd(Iw Of a lI()StOU I'ittilms,ltednessofNeso Gath slaDi)ed his leg it] glee [lll(i IDry l{oek. Supcrtluous ltMr, ])hn- Pete went on: "l)on't you see tll0 "1'11 waitlt)ltil I ('an see [lie s!lil)'S shot). Sanluel was l(nee]ing l)y it i, lo, etc. JOHX'I iVgo ;OOm)UIeY clouds off there? There's a stern[ lights," lie thought, '[or at lea,%, a bedside wittl llis hands elIlspcd in west, 4ad coming on and bhe Star of Texas will lit blc ]Ollgor." prayer. MI'. White wr(]be 1,he melody . city. Oous, get off th' lsland rigltt in the worst of lie ventured down to the water. It and lit'st versc in a)out [If[celt ntin- frco.atoflicoorbylettero it about 10 o'ch)ek. She'll try to had risen r'1-1)itllv. The strong soutli tiles. When he Cemlm:ed "Marguer-      O make tz' harbor arid will steel' 1)ythe wind hall piled up the watery in'tss ire," he decided to atbenlpt a love tT ,PUisactaskludlyonthe light---but ])ry lloek light won't be until the tide was ah'cady h,ghor song, and tlten thought cub a story. female or h,flrm I burnin' and we'll have one ()f out' than hc had seen it in nmnt;hs. Gn- With this in nli)ld hc 1)icled nt) hi own!" ingon toward thc dark nulss of rock viol[a, tuned it., aud the nlelody T H ''Gt it llxed?'' t]iatrresebefrhhuhefeltthecIdseeutec'teIttefitsell"with('t "Of course; down lit Shell Cove. waves reach lflgher an(1 higher Oll llis co0,mug. the weak t Wood all ready to touch It ntatch ti). body unbil they threw their spray bladder rJ?I:|I hlbcst novelty in the Way of  $    ) The ship will steel' by blmb, aud will into his face, and his shoulders were conte on th' rocks al)eut here." under thc surface, qThcn lie touched collections is reported front l?hihl- ' lhat s gooll, she's heavv loaded, tile ro('k aud elanfl)ercd upon it. dell)hill. It, is a collection of door ISH IN THE and we'll get bh' salvage, and whab- ,,'ill' some [line he sltt there sbh'er- mats. In bile saule, bowtt is also a ]Ultll ! - - e''l" wc can save besi(les, ch?" ing, notwithsbanding the warmth of who c(llleets tin tags, and wllo ewn) Dltting a terri/fle crime, and he rc- tile table and waied, lie felt safer nlan dcvotes his surt)!us energies tv atlzed thab if they eaught hinl eaves- now. The wrccket;s would never atbering penkuivcs, and cite in AI. If- dr,>pl)ing they would not sca'nple to cente out to him in.that storm. 1)any gees in for raih'oad t.intet:ll)les kill hinl. It was certain that the ])ry The red.light on he revenue office A ]luffalb wemlui is forntin a collee. lek ligll In[mr burn, and e/lually I pole was suddenly lowered, then tw lion of moreor loss worn-nut; gloves. cjtain that the fitlse light at Shell [ were raised in, itS pla,ce, looking like andPatntawhieh! Ovc nlust not. I a pat]r of dragou eyes ghu'ing all him IF a man provided nt)thing but lt'y l his dut ''hat meant Urestovoth0ironzandburnPohshiaBrll. 3ewlre deternllned te effect both, if] for net do ng ,y, ' bread and water for his wife to (all, Durable, and the tea= ,ssil)le. . . . ,'Hurry the light." ]te had never she would make a great roar, butlshe o tia or glasI)ackage ' lnally, the men having perzccr, e(1 seen two signal but once, 'and that will go to a fashl0nable sanitarlunl walked awayi and the was when his gl!andfather had visitl flfteLn'd0]hu;s a week to l['ve t't, erq saw that oo: long !tl!h on the beach on sh dle and.boast qf:it. who iR illsollS[itle l(i .ihltll]C, ' Iortldltg iLs fun(,tiollu aciv(lly, an(l Ltltg e(:)llSO- . ' ' (ll;ont, ly digestio,i iLllt[ (;he l)owots'ILl'd lln(]ts- ]{Y l]le streets ef ]y-/uM-hy oil({' at- ",Ul'bed, If, howvvor, the eomphMon and eve- rives at ill(, ]IO]ISO of Ne\\;'el'. ,ltll'l*]lavo a t.ttffl'(il tint, or l[lo face is drlrii ! lld v)i(L t)f 8t)t'ighLliu('tg ,n,.t tll)illllli(in, ,he ]'] ".' [:lIITf (hlty "we Olllit o})3o111'o8 so111o llilbtrylnd ill lllltlo /:)l'LIt,|ttllob0ollt,!dor(tr, tl'lll h w(, stloul(l h:tv( ](nowll. ]b (!tiry I.[)o (titlict)lbj I)t.Ml]y, i horotl.qhly,  ith tile Illtra]llOllllt allil'[llOUS sl)eoi|lc, Ito!to',ter's (',llltiwr ,)rove(1 (t(!l[tLll'iO a, go tha tile l-LOlllac[l]]lL 1t18, whieht)rottll)l, ly l'Ol[ledl(: not ylllt)a!lLt%[(, i(.)llch is hetL]ihg, only lhe abov,)olltw&r([ all(t ;,inible Mgmt o( lHliousnoas, lmL t]to the MeR he:t(taclles, COil. YI:].WI'I,:II)A suvgests tO-hie}TOW [)rOlll- st[pin,ion verb]go, fur Ul)Oll utlo tongue, ill[utica, i,,!,'4, bll lo-(ltty a((oln[dishes, Bollr In'eltLh n nd [)altts through [ he righb Mdo "which oba,'ileL(wizo i[,. Th ) ltvor in tLt\\;ltyd teri- lID i CA'I F 1)lOtl ",vi(ilotlt religion, and Ollsly inv.lvod Iu. ltllLlarlll,, for which tho'13llleta t'ell lllIl[D "tllt'lll but (.lever (levilg. it a sovurolgq al)oeillc. Tills nledie[llO romedlet, with ((llla] t)rolllt)liUlldo Itld , ottl plote,leBs, kid- ]1,' the car{,|l were (over(,d with Ilowors hey ooilll)lMufi) dyal)Ol)M, rbotlHt'tt[slll) iIAltl all (he yctu" l'U, Lin(l tile bees would be- ucrvontness. COllie |azy. ('OIlIItlll.l I Q,lnrt(r or" Ill, lliiUoIh Yo(r aro not on your way tt) heaven, A Vcst:ol'[l exc[l(tngo n)a{os the fol- unles yet al't looMng that way and )owing ]'em'lrkaMe statement;; Sut;t)oa- lh'ing thl, b way. illg tit.iLL Gilt /4]'0;1(; fort!father, A daql, SoIF: p(,ol)hes liv(,s are like Warm ha([ beg[ill t,o emtnt as (ttli('kly as lie water on a ! ot day. Nicu to look ab, but COlfld, and when hi,' life was (,nd' d his enc laste is t!]lOllgil, son conlnlellce(t \\;vhoro the father lel' B!IEV]'t'Y ]tlld c,)ncisoness are (he par- off, and tiat hc splint his whole lifetime, enls of e(mvi(dions. The lea(len bullet (hty aim night, (:(.)unting a. fasl, "ts h) is more fatal thlu when nmttiplied into vould, and Ul) that upoa hia Ilzut. (leaLh he had elljohmd ill)on his heirs :>.It WI.: ]lllLl[ i)r0visiolv for this life as if (icrlLity of counling, tHld that thhy 1;tt([ it wer( 1113o1" It) lltLV. an (Ild, [Lnd for eontiirued(loi]lg ;-o u i) o !lit* |)lOScIlt/lie- lh(, other life its theugh it wero to IU,','O II bcgillii[ll. 'I |[If I al'0 ]i.x(!ltl,Si(,llS) A('m)il[zL k)f' !o]nli)li/'|ttl, llliiOnlll ('Oil- vcnli(in the Shmx ('lty & Nor(:heru will sell tJ(,!(!t- ill half f;ll'O t,t) Mtt,ntHill()lis, iMillll, FI'{Ill JIIn(! t}l tO l!.lh the (-ll't!ill, {orl,h(!l'n ]tai]wty will s(.l[ half f;ire 1,it!let!Is g'()od 11, ",1 till0 5|.11 10 liOr t h(q'li 1,I i 11 n L!slil,ll ;in(l Ntl!lh ])Itli(It:L l)Oiill,% S(0 V. ]I, ,]()Ill'S, ;It);) Ni<'I,I('t Ave,, 5 t Zlnelhmlt; W. J. D,)t,'h, 195 F, ast, Third SI., SL. [';lll]. OP ll'llIN ill Illll:)lt (]t!l,()ls, h(,|h ell[e% for theM, (!xl'(irP.!Oll ],i'kvl, 'rile (;.t'(i C N()I'[]I- ('1'11 hlIs tl) l'()lll(,' f%tll iJl(! Twiu 3,'tth!s (() 1;he i{ed ]{Ivel' Vnlloy. Yt) l "It g') ) r)lllO illlll I't:tlll'll ILllOl<}l'r, atld bi(yt' IIIOI'C ( (HIll I'y IIHI. II i. t)oMhh' l]y lilly' o| }11!1' llw. l,'ov Dill)lit'aliens, (!i,(%, ;i(Idi'('Ns O1" al)lliy IO I:. [. Willtm,y, (I P. aud 'r. A., G. N, I{'y. l. Paul, Miml., or \\;V. B. Me- Nhh, r0 (_;ell l'as. Avt., Sioux City, h)wa. -7 ................................. A SF ,aher Vho l)oe Nol: Spoa.k. '.['he speakerslfip i a (m'i,u. in,qi(u- tion ill AlllOl'ica illld hIl a lwe:diar ors gin. A s t (,akcr is (,n(, who sl)eaks. ;m'I lmturally it is t,uzzling lo kllOW ttl ill our *%ill'ill{Of i < oIle \\;vile (l()is lie[ silt,ok. [i' he wlshe it) sill all he nlust abdh'at? ll!() chair, Lher,:l)y abrog'll.ig his ]llni.tiol1,i tl, s sl el[tier, l]ll{; 1)y gl,'l]('[][g It(, iho el'i- v, in of ( h,; t('l'lil s[)(mkc'r l.he lneonsJst;(,lley is illld(irsloe(l, ()Ill' ](,gilattu') IS tilt)d- (lied itl)l! (hit[ of ]'nghtnd. 111 the ]h'itis]l 1)ar}ianl(,nL it has been ('llsolll- ary flora the time (ff Edward Ill and !s customary lo-(lrty for lllo presiding lnenlt)(l' ef Ihe .]hltlo ef Collllnens to v,1)(,ak for that body In add]'ossing lira CIT)VI1. At the nloe(illg of a new l)ltl'lilt- lll(;nt (he (),/leen SLln)nlons lho ]louse () (Olll/i;Oll' tO l]ltt bar Of the l:[OtlS,.  [ ,,orals Illltl signifies her pleasure, that; 1boy ch()oe a speaker who 1}lay S})OILll l'of lh(!nl in nlattt,rs ell which sh( lluiy ([esirt to adth'es them. When cho:( 11 by (he ('o l)ll]O!iS I]le speaker is approved by the ()llee]t and he then a(t(Iresse h(,r, claimi]ig (hose "duct(mr and llndoltl)i([ ri:2h'.s itn,I })rivihg,s," &(3,, which had I) el) granil!(I by other royal i,re(lei,(',,- ., rs. ]mrsmuch as ws have adopted [:hi) form: of hgishd,ivq procedure of 1he I)olh, r c()lllllt'y we, ,lave also (l()l)l(d ihe t,i(le of sl)saku', and we still cling o it, although its or2gina[ meaning is go,re. The (ll, ly (]lie ]:r(,]p ]']|IItotl--ta 'e, ll I, ill(l lh If'el,[l? There l : :l-ilwh rt|q)]ay IIdvertiqenlenl, in thlt p;iper this week, which has no l;wo (l'(ls aiik( except (n)o word. TI'lOSanlo is I I'lIO I)f (!lt(!}l llt'W Clio IlIl|)oltritl eIlvh Wl'('l{ fronl The 1)r. ll;lrler Medi('hlC. Co. Thla hOIINI) plll('es a "(re:(!elli," (tll ev , 'yl} g lh('y ,))110-' anti ])tlh]isil. Iook for ll,, s(,nd lht,,n the ;InluC of the word, and tixcy will rel [lI'n yell ]lOOK) n)]UT[FIJ] LITII()(II{API]S) (it tA.M])|,[S ][*IIICI [']lil'tOell Miles of Sal;lol,,h ]lev. Madison C. Petsrs, of the llh)om- [IU,  [ale ]ofernled Church, Now Yo:1 t i 3', :n his ,seiunon Sunday night said: "'l'llet'c are in t|l(] city of New York 7)0(!0 Stt].cOllS, OP OIIO for every 200 i).o- piG. TIwse saloons, given ea.h a 20- [',;el; frontage, we"lid extend, if l)hwed il] it row, a dislallCO of lllil'L(]eu ]niL(s They are ht;tb':dst)g vice, the bree, ding- l) it:!.' of all (.rime. 'l'hoy are k(!lt; , with ihc (x(:0|)(it)n of a (;W t'e)'nlluls, I)V low, vulgar, ill[berate, bhlsphemous, el)- ( lli ll:ell, utly 50 i)cr elmt. of whont ILl'0 ( X-LOll\\;'ie[s, rJ']lO ,'nlt)i)ll!i arl) fiN)- (]twn't)d by b[aeld,!gs,, t.hi, eves, g m- })ll.'[' ;) Illlll'dOl'(q'S, VtLL'ti i o/iticimu, and olhof se0tlnd]'cls." 'll||" l{ale %'ilk trio Nk)l'|lll%'141,]'/I  I? l' Iht! (N)n['l.,r(!lleO el* (i('l'nlllll ]l;Ipl,is |ll'(!lhroIK I! (?edIIl' ] 'l)ilts, ,Itln( :hi (i)91,11; s[;Ito ('ml(,ntt(.i I)('o} lt!r II P y ILl; DOS !(lil[('S .!U)]O ;I|1;  lllrt'lllI I,odc A. O. U. \\;V., 1[('11!113, ]h)nl .... ][;n,,, 151h; NIIllt)IHI llelDtwrlll,il! (()liv(ll[it)ll. ('Id(IIg'I)I ,[lille 21M;, l,'i)r (l(q :dis (')ill I)n G. I", l, Vht('io(!k, Thket A.'ellt I:II!I)H del)[)t, ill' e,i]y ()tltl,t,, C()]*ll(l' I'*,,Ltllh Iin(I N(!lH';tsl,:  SI, II, I'. ('dlEVNEY..(Iql Agt, L|gh1:l,lng)a ]DottdlY Worl. I):Eng seven 1]l()lltllL-t of last year no:.' lm[ 200 I)uihih],,; were struck I), l .,Id ning in 1:nglllnd including 21 clliII'ChOS and Iqlal)els, 1 14 l'esJllcne(s) 21 f!,l'lll ILC)IISCS {Llld rick% and i) h()Lels alB1 mblle ho!ses, l)uring the sa]m time 18 lnel until \\;vt.)lnen were killed by lhI omlse, l)e.ides i)3 (:att lo, 35 hol'.es and 153 shoot . ,kl] I ollr FoP .i I.() ) For 5100 w(; will selt(I the \\;Vtmkly Wi- ('(;ll.llll ()lit' \\;:(HLr, Llle Nt!)V]IIL])(!P L][iJ'Ilry, on,' vl!;/r, tlu Filrlll ILll(1 I"ireid(', Oil[! yeHrl ('.21 IIIlt)IDoF.) :llll[ (}lt [l(!Ittl|lfll[ (!()llllliblILn ;o!ivt'llil' ,Qilvol' S])(l()il, A(l([)'es; CI'alIIOP A il<(uls & ('l',inl('l') l[I[w)tltkee, Wi, 7]11) ({ro*)v Ill el }.lI4 ;I()IlS. The work i)f foreign Christian missions began ix, this collnlry within the first (l]ltu'er ccntui'y of I(S existcllCe. 1t, hs been l)rOCCuted wiLh eonst;nlly in- cl'ea::;]ng zeal lll(l the exi)erldiltll'O II(IW in bchalf of (hose missions rea::h- cs $5,000)(I(I0 annually and employs e'v0r ,01)) A,,Fr!]- } y.!Uz,:2Labr0]_% Wimn Baby war sick, wo gave Imr Caatorla When she was a Child, sho cried for Castorla, I'ht!ll Ill bocanto 1Ii.') silo ehlll[ tO Castorl Wh0a sho ha0. Children, sho gavo tham Caatarla. TIE order of the royal succession at presenis the Prince of Wales, 1)rineo George, [he Duehess of 1,'ire, Lady Alex- exandra 1)uff (her infant daughter), Princess Victoria, and Princess Maud. All [.hose weuhl have to pass away with- out issue before the Duke of Fdinburg could come to the throne. I'IP.ST A CEIL1)) TEEN ]]ltONClll!rt . Cheek tbo flrat with }tALE'S ttONI, IY Oh' I:I()I;I:IOUN1) AND 'l.'Mk 1) *l s. OTHACIIE ])ItOP C,,ro ill OLtO Mlllllt, A 't3,V Ill[Ill'lift, e, Ilurglarly insurance la the latet nt:)velty In the insurance lmsiness. ]t is being made a feature by acomphny which covers bho general accidsut in- surance. FIT.-MI ,!'its St0 t)l)0 d ]roe I)V Dr. Kn no's G z e  t Nerve I(oatoi or. 1o I:it Idtl{' lirst day's IIe. Mar- v(,h)us t'n.res.' Treatise and $2 io} triu! !)ott.lq [ Fit caaet Send to Di'. Klim!..t &:cla St.. t)l|tit. L a, AF'rv.ll a s(trch of thlrty-nine years a men[, their enil,ed efl'ort @euhl nob yet have I'etLched the l]nloullt oF o11o (illaI'- lur of z billion. If you wish io Ci(I the eas,!;:(. Itll(I (llli(k - esl: W('Ok'S wfi.-,hln?,' 3'oll el,or did, ld'y Doll- bins' EhwL)']c S()ILII ll(}Xt W :'lilt] y. l"(qlow the dii'ecti()ns. Ask yOlll' gl'(ICeP f)l' it.. lICt!ll ()n the r, nlarl,:et 24 yet[['S, Tah'( nil ot }llq'. l[tll'l{ey t)l)OSlI)t Like lillchelol'.,I. 13oih Lho SilttO altd tho o],urch in Ttlrkcy t!ohlb[lle 1o l[lalfo tL |)aoheler':] lif,: l]liO]'lLb',o. A, , long as a nlall'3 par'el)its or0 lP,'ing he can live with thc'm w:thou't,: exl;eriencing any diflh,uly, l{tLb, as v3OOll Ii,s they die he lllU6L ObttL:ll per]ulssi,.)n Ii'onl both civil awl l',l]gi.::tt authorities be.tore l]t can be. adm!tt(,ci to ally o{]lo1" llOllsehoid, PAl:I, 11101'0OV('1', 5 is lho du(.y 4)[ [he l)rol)r]etor o1 th.S household he en(,ers lo see lh:tt the lnalcs and llOL lOlll0A(,s "wtLit uI)Olt hi,.. ), IIA WOaD It) tile Will) JSStllll(lellt, but 11, is ll(,b Itl. WII, ys W[Sl) 1') ;tly t,[l:lt, Wtll'll [O [)lie Ivhl) fS Sllll'(!l'l)'lg Iht! till'till'[Is 4)|! It h(':td- Ill,lie. IJo/cvcr, tlw vs l,l:dl It LIlll F('COI)|- IILclid llra(lyeroilno, ()f Itil lh'llglsis. ,'i0c A ]I1OOI[fYN illVOl]lOf p]'opos('S (O tap t]to (a]'{h'L itLc'ioe for heat and thus 8it\\; l fllel. Wo will give $100 l'owal,d fop Itlly e:lse O cu.[arrll lhHL ctlnlll)b I)t*, ('l/POd wilh l[a[l's (!it [,;tl'rll (}ill't). Tit];lt illtttvna[ly. 1,', J. CIIENF.Y & CO., 1)l.tqn,% Toledo, O. TtIRE1 i)orsoils, aged 8[, 8:} alld 85 ye (rs re;I)eclively, died suddenly ill ono ([/l")' ill (qticago reeel]tly ] ,I;;|IUI1AM'S I)IIAJ4 ll, re IL l)II [llloss llll(I t,fl'etLIIItl remedy f( r aLl l)lli()us (It>orders. ::5 cen(sa box. For sale by ;lll(h'uggisL. Ml n' Mlt,4"nt Is)n, The human frame is an exeeIlenI nlltrnel;, A man will ear]'y it watet] for yelll'S an(] bi) piOll([ Of i[s ttccttr '; 1}11!/1 110 wilt Jail sick, tho watch will lh t,l] the llllLIIL0l O1"O11 t]).D d]'csser, alLd will develop great inac'curacy and irregu- larity. No explalu:tlic)I} is ft)rlhe(Hning except tile one that the tbSell(,O of nl[tg- Ileal]sill tlpseLs 1]t() t[lne 0Altl( iJneOl , lind ]he l)esb pl'oof o'/1his is (hat wit(Hi tl:o lIlan gets rOlllld ll,:.IItilt a.nd cIMri S iris wtuh it soon goes all right. for ,alt Ithenln, which I :: ..... .,,,o M,. 1,,,s .,:,,.1, :' Z, , . t 0 1 Illl). 1'. I WaS ltnllbl{i to 12M"ff'alltt h II1 to have lLly l).rnl ' l}lr. N.fl.". ])erl'y. I);lCk itll(1 l(!gHbILnd{lg('(t Iwioo tt qllty, I [lt,gfll to tak0 Hood's OaroaparHla !Itl IOOll 1 001t](1 tOO l e]l[alg(!. The i[ th [)!(!alne iiioP(t btqt]thy, tile s'oros so(HI I,etlcd, the seahm [ IL off', 1 Wa!; O011 aL)h 11 givO lID [)llllll:Lg0 arid tq'tl];(,]l('s, and it hH)l)Y i[llll [ Wq. S. I [* 1)[",lll{') d5 !!'?"!]i'.'f'! (' P'?')'!:'"'!!" !:.[: ................ ilt)O])',N ['1"Li.,"; ('uro liver ills, ('oilstii')ath)l, hiliollSllOS.% loll[[dice, sl('k h(m(lac}lc. 'J'ry ttltqu, .. ;.'dk'i'(Ji, t.;x- ......... x/al' , . Epileptle Fits) Falling' Bielmess) llyster,. ics) St, itus Danco Iervousness, llypechoudria, Mehmcholhh In- ebrit) F31eeplessness, ))izo ziness) Br'du mtd Spi- . lnd  oakltess, T]]t, mc(li;h-m lla diraet acblon noon bhe n,;rve ,-enters. al:ayh]g all |r,'itablli- ties, ,'rod incrca,drig [,he flow a, nd power 0[' llervo fluid. Ib is l)erfectl llLl, rllllSs llfl leavl'[ ]1o 'dl]D[easnt effects. l[lil--./ VitlIliIll)lo IOOk #)Ill 'OIWO11R , . ])iP4l%1.,'4 t free lo any itchn'olL  Rtlti l)oor 1)itLlellt8 ealt also Ol)tlttll |[ thls I,loliciI,O t'l'OO ()f IDll:ltI'|I(3. TI is 1.(Inody tins 1)0ell llreparml by nlo llevarenll ftqhp l(oolaLg t):[ l?Ol't )llytD!, Ind.) einoo 1(.I, anti ;S O{V lji'ep al'e 1 lln(ie ;' hts d ir0etloll by thO KOEtti MED. CO., Ohicago, III, Sold by Druggists tt II DOe I)ottlo. 0 for , s('n found Ii Sy up"' i JUDGe J B HILL, of the Superior Court, Walker county, Georgia, thinks enough of Gerlnall Syrup to seud us vohlntarily a strong letter endorsing it. Wheu meu of rank .: :: aud education thus use and recom- mend au article, what they say is worth the attention of tile public. It is above suspicion. "I have used your German Syrup," he says, "for n: " oughs and Colda on the Throat m :t uugs. I can recommend it tbr them as a first-class medicine." :: I akt: no substitute. It Curtal IJolde, ougha, Sote Throat (]roul l[t)lhlonzlh IVhool)ln) Cough, llronohltla all4 Asthnla, A COOtaDl (H)ro :or (,llSlLIInnt|OIi In fltt aaa('s, and it snr: re[tat In Itlvanced ;tag6. - Ill on ,t!. YOU will see the xeeUe ,t o|lect alilHl glkloI IIIID lh'et (It)to. Sold by dettlrll etwhllINl Large bottio.% th) eellta and I1.(. PiLLB ]lenutlfy complexion by purifYinl bloot], PURELY VgOETAIL, ' The (lose Is ),leely tld]tltlt ed to sult elllt%'lll oneplll eea never Imtoo Ill[lob, Erich vlat colltatl]e 4) elrrted|a v,t p0eket, nko lead pencil. ]l}lIRllIeJll DIIn)N Irfllet conx.elllelll2c, )rttetl easlcr t[ttlll IIUltr. Holdel %vh(!ro. all llU[tle oudll belcr i'OlCea. ') Sond 2-ceut tamp. You get 841 pag book ith |UI DR. IIAHTEII MEDICINE CO.. St. Loule, M, WAN TO GO 00.A.ST. } :i ()::i I ji% F; WE WANT YOUTO CO, "o :41 f),r Co,nph)to IAs of I{oules alltl lI).to,I :)l' S|III'IE]t ']['(I)I[H8 ttlld ]*'(Ill l[tlfoiqlglOl, ' " C(,Ileol'llblg tl'l'&ttll SO.'VlvO, ('. It. IV[l',lll{l{, A.J. MITE[, i'os:orl( 1)lesH. AgOllt, Gon. l)st  T. Agt*, tJIIICA(;O. CILEVEL&NDo  RIPANS. TABUkIS rellmb, to the stomaeo, nvcr aaa Ilowelit, imri-] -- - fy the blood, are Ilfe m&d effelual I .b.,"l the best medicine known for bilious- I X("" ).P" .lne, constllmtloa, clyal)$1la foall " Ixt4l ILXd/ blx, a| h,h eadache,meillt[deprdson, $ a '4 a dal ( sease oammdbyfallureor][ the gtomach, flyer or bowels to lpm.y fol'nl their ro(,w fu iotlons, PoraoRa gtvea to ove. t [ !il:g' ale lauetlted y tltlilg OilO a.ft& h Ileal '  ! i 8a,II )to. 11, At I)FII StS O1 Il& ! , t bb mall. ******************** ,...;..***.-" Establ]Mted 18r. Nature's Herbal Remedle, L..i "Ott ef etle] OOk btl dtngle a&d braok ,..l', "J'he he.aliTg bloaoms lea)t (ltld lOOk." I, ,;_, 1)lL O. P. I}IIOWIN'8 " " ) Grottl: Extortl(tI Ilelned" ' ' .. :' le ' l ) g l D ' II, k"'ffl M'onses oirculatlolL heals'lnflamma .... I:; film, I,a,lishes l)atn; (,. Druffttstaot" by ntIlil, 4 (irantl St., Jeley (;y, l. J.. B (' IOYOLIES OF THI :r :" - HIGHEST GRADE : Racera n(1 Ro0.dsters, Ladles' and O0nts'. Fine'st I Jnc in the \\;,'c,t, Write for Catalogue. Agentl  i Wanted, Exchlsive TexT[tory. Mauufactarers' Prices. T. D, IANSE) llll|porter alll [fri, Agt, llt) O1 S|alO g* CHICAGO, "OHIO" WELL WELLS with our t'tunou 'tVeU K$t.l  ao, i:=il Ia. t. orol}pIilg tOOlS in tlss, j]  00MIS & NYM4N, l{l=tlr., Q I'IFFIN, OllIll.  " ][BI. l,trl;e'izo,'lI|..75, ttBottlesforgg. 00BINDER 00EItIHggl]! .............................................................  ttaving disc, ntluued the ]llanufa0- ture of Jute Binder Twine, 1 offer my stoel: A few cltrloads of bost qnab lit, Y, r) fe:t to the I)Omxd, at 64 cents per 1 ")m (, free o'n. eo:rs ;t Pater:on, N.J. Will ' sou In L'lots el less. Address J C T )DD, :'6 I)ey t,, NeW York : B-R-hSg 100 FOilTiETli ST, SIOUX CiTL iOWA. Sioux City Electrical Supply Co;, : ............................................................. l"Ifl |& Itl,d l)lerco St,rel, t s. 'I)llOn0 "/00. m = ...... i 1 [3 It 191 I- BLE (U}.lE :for I'II,EI'L I [llt,illtllFIlll lYnching,el,)D.C. N    I)rloo, $1; at, drnggists or [' !1   , t)y mail.' Sa,lnlfl(s fl'eo. Successfully proggqtes.OI!slms. ill l L L  Addros) "ANAKIgNI[S, )) m Lttol rtnc pal t0xnllnort,.u.Yen,oil lureltl. ill I!1  I  BOX 116- bi'l,W YORK CITY0 [] 3 y,'sill last vltr) 151,tUItdl0iltillgt]tllms) atty sb,co, fg. "[uiing,Adjuoall runntngl:mrt,, . 7".. 1 Illeselo Calaloguo k"itt',',0 I ...................... " .................................. JOti P LOVELL ARlgIS OO, Nlfra, 147 Wahh@-0nSi,BTONi qAS$, . ' ..... - . . = 8.-gta Coilattlliptlvel aod poopls who have weak ltlng or Asth- ina, Si, ould IXS0 Ptno'aluro for Consuml)th)n. lt'h&s ol'ed IIItindl. lt'hlte )II0. l ItS IIg| $ tt0 belt eoIlll h 8yl]lp, Sold CVOPyWilel'L I WANTED t,e.,,,,',,...,,.o,a,i.,ll,,r. S.C.N.u. wb0 hoI'lO:;t(llt1('tt a ]('SS S, .  __  tlllllll)or el licrt, s t hlln 160ln(i  L. L tl  .! nla 41! final ll,'oof O,l tile sal,m = =v b.lore JILl/o 2. lSi,l. W. 1, V Sil r./-- R IbF i.. t'ill, I]envel', Colo, e F/IT FOLKS REOiIOEO ,"., /-y .,'dr*. Mleo Ma do, Oroaon,.'Mo.. :,rlt ,. r04uotioa 9{ 1) [bs. l, or vlrt u)ars udale!S t v. tI.:., )r. O.W.F.8,'q I liE!t. M e V [e, ker  k begtre. Clatoago, s father in the Allegheny ............................... , .... tAMV]i. We" in New York, lh, lag tho lye ,. ioe,l,I, ) & IVlMLI tl ID N,